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After a late night at the movies, John comes home to find one of his little sister's sorority friends passed out in his bed after a heavy night of drinking. Looks like she's ended up in the wrong room and he'll have to find somewhere else to sleep. Maybe he could have a little fun first though…

Warning: This 4600 word story contains explicit descriptions of college sex between a young man and a passed out blonde sorority girl and somnophilia themes including sleeping sex and sleeping oral. John also has a difficult decision to make… where should he blow his load? This story is intended for Adults Only and the author does not condone such actions out in the real world.



Here are a few facts about Olivia Hull:

  • She is having dinner in an expensive restaurant for the first time with her mother and her mother’s new boyfriend, Eric Lockwood.
  • She is wearing expensive clothes and jewelry for the first time.
  • Her newly deflowered pussy is absolutely full of Eric’s semen.

To find out how she got here, read this story, to find out what happened next read Everything Can Be Bought 1: Indecent.


My mom married the sexiest man alive, and now that I'm 18 he's taking me on a mystery holiday “somewhere warm”.

Before I boarded the private jet, my mom said that on this vacation I had a “free pass”.

What on earth was she talking about?



“Do you finally feel as beautiful as you are, Princess?”

Mel has just turned eighteen and had laser eye surgery to banish the thick glasses that she's put up with for so long. The little bit of confidence that gave her is making all the difference.

Her Step-Daddy, Brett, is taking her out for a very special birthday dinner.

Just the two of them.

Her crush on him has always been her dirty little secret. What harm could come from maybe flirting just a little bit? What could happen?

The restaurant storeroom will never be the same again.




After losing her virginity to her stepfather, Mel learns that Brett might want to make a more permanent arrangement…



Mel’s Stepfather, Brett, can make the world her oyster. All she needs to do is provide him with an heir.






It was a terrible day when Holly first met her new step-sister, Britney.  From day one, Britney set out to make Holly’s life a living hell.  The sad part was that it was all too easy.  Britney was stunningly beautiful, when talking about the two step-sisters, Britney was always described as “The Pretty One.”  Nobody could believe that such a beautiful girl could be a monster tormenting plain-Jane Holly behind closed doors.  When Britney left for college, it gave Holly room to breathe for the first time in years, and she blossomed into a drop-dead gorgeous young woman herself.  When Britney brings her new boyfriend home for the holidays, it could be an opportunity for Holly to even the score a little…