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Although trained as a nurse I am now able to pursue writing as a full-time career thanks to a supportive partner who is perfect aside from needing to realise I don't necessarily want to do *everything* that I write about.

I live in waaaaaay down under, but I have also lived in the UK for a period of time and used the opportunity to travel into continental Europe as much as possible. I hope to return one day!

I write stories in the general fields of erotica and erotic romance. These tend to be short and intense stories that focus on sexual encounters. Why not do some “real” writing? I have written in other genres (I keep them on a separate pen name) and I get exactly the same fulfillment out of this. It *is* real writing that I take great care in putting together and try to to my very best on each and every piece of work.

I find it fascinating to explore the lives of my fictional characters through these snapshot type glimpses that short stories allow. The whole point of erotica is that the stories are about sex and I love to write about sexual encounters that are turning points or highlights in a character’s life, particularly first-time experiences, whether this is first time sex outright or a first threesome, or first anything else. These experiences change us, help shape us into who we will one day become.

Writing these stories allows me to explore these themes but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also intended to be sexy, steamy, hot, heavy and to provide the occassional giggle as well! I hope my stories provide a good balance of the serious, the sexy and the silly to give my readers a truly enjoyable experience.

I also run the erotica promotion website Shameless Book Deals, with the aim of providing daily recommendations to subscribers in the sub-genres that they actually want to hear about, rather than lumping all erotica under a single banner. I started this in December of 2014 and it's growing quickly!

You can find me online here (duh) and the following places:

Shameless Book Deals
Twitter: @ShamelessBooks
Shameless Facebook Page
My Facebook Page
Reddit Username: Scarlett_Skyes

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  1. Nicole

    How do I get Blank Slate by Scarlett Skyes? I have read the other two but cannot find this one. Please let me know. I would love to read it. Thank you.

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