Scarlett Skyes

Winner of the $30 Gift Card

I am pleased to announce that the winner of my little Sleepy Surprise Club raffle is “D”. I contacted her about the result and received a lovely message in response, thanks very much for your support, D. I asked her what her favourite Scarlett Skyes story or series was and she said:

Hard to choose one since I think I have them all, but I would have to pick my top two. I enjoyed the Dazed and Hazed series and your Time Stop series. I especially liked the surprise twist at the end of book two of the Time Stop series, I did not see that coming! Hope book three is coming soon so I can find out what happens next.

Sadly the Timestop series hasn't sold quite as well as I had hoped, so it is somewhere lower down on the list of priorities. However, I like the storyline too and I will definitely give the small (but surprisingly vocal!) fans of timestop their part 3 at some stage in the future. Much sooner if I can figure out how to actually stop time.

For the rest of you that entered for the Gift card, sorry you didn't win but you still get your free copy of “The Sleepy Surprise Club 2: Stella” available for download below. I will be emailing out your password in a few moments.

edit: to remove download link as it looks like everybody got it.

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