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What next for the Well-Endowed Billionaires Club? Easy giveaway.

People really seem to be loving reading what my well-hung billionaires are doing to their semi-unsuspecting prey, and I'm only too happy to give you/them more! My latest installment has just been published (The Well-Endowed Billionaires Club 3) and I'm almost finished with Everything Can Be Bought 3: Anywhere He Wants and ready to get straight on to part 4 of The Well-Endowed Billionaires Club.

I've got some ideas about the kind of young ladies that might find themselves in that predicament, but I thought it might be fun if some of my fans let me know what they wanted to see, so I've created another quick and easy raffle for you! Log into the rafflecopter below and you'll find 2 ways to enter this draw. One is (as per my last raffle) liking my author page on Amazon, and the other is simply to leave a blog comment detailing your ideal next heroine.

You can be as general as you want (i.e. a one word response saying ‘cheerleader') or go into as much detail as you like (blog comment character limits probably apply but I don't know what they are) but please note that there won't be any royalty sharing going on, I'm still going to write the whole thing :P.

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28 thoughts on “What next for the Well-Endowed Billionaires Club? Easy giveaway.

    1. Scarlett Post author

      Superman has been successfully sued by Lex Luthor and needs some quick cash… that’s when he gets the chance of a lifetime. All he has to do is make it through the night without screaming for them to stop… or setting the building on fire with his heat vision.

    1. Scarlett Post author

      I can’t deny that I’m surprised about how many of my fans want to see me write a story about Superman getting gangbanged.

  1. Sonya McAlister

    Wowzers that is a tough question because I am not sure who I would want to star in that. I would probable go with matthew mcconaughey. Thanks for the give away

  2. Stephanie Lashbrook

    Gosh there are a lot of good choices out there and since I haven’t got to read the books yet I’m not sure. Oooh maybe Channing Tatum 🙂

  3. Sarah Murphy

    Well I’d like to see a aspiring actress who needs the Billionaires connections just as much as their money and huge cocks!!!! Like maybe she meets one of them at her side job bar-tending, and through the course of their conversation he learns what she needs. Then he decides to give her what he thinks she needs- a monster cock gangbang!

  4. Crystal Newman

    I have really got addicted to this series. No I don’t think I would like the superman thing. Maybe have twins in the next book with the guys. That way they get double the pleasure and they won’t have to wait to get the action started.

  5. Alice

    I read most of your books through Kindle Unlimited. Often I will read 5 – 10 books a day. I am curious how these are tracked so the authors get paid. I read on another email that I have to read at least 10 percent of a book before you get paid. Can you comment on this? I’m just curious.

    1. Scarlett Post author

      You have your facts right, once a reader borrows the book and gets through 10% (which is approximately the amount that Amazon shows on their “look inside” feature), it counts as a borrow for royalty purposes.

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