Scarlett Skyes

Upcoming releases: Success and Confidence 2 and 3, and Lion Shifters… RAWRR!

Sorry I haven't brought much to the table lately… but it's been a great summer down here! At the moment I have advance review copies of Success and Confidence 2 out with some readers, and I'm a good chunk of the way into Success and Confidence 3. Expect part 2 to be out this Thursday/Friday and 99 cents for a limited time! Success and Confidence sees Carmen “Confidence” Jones get trained by her billionaire soon-to-be Daddy, Castor “Mr. Success” Viktorov in the ways of rough sex. We all know that Success Breeds Confidence, don't we?

I've also got a good basic idea for my next shifter series set in the same universe as Bearly Legal, so that will most likely be what comes next 🙂


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