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The ‘A Sleepy Surprise‘ series has been very popular, lots of people have been in touch asking if there is going to be any more in the series. I've answered back to such readers with a very reluctant ‘no' thus far. However, due to said popularity, I've known from the get-go that it definitely had a lot of elements that I wanted to recreate in a new series. So, after some light pondering, I have come up with a barebones outline for another trilogy that will feature some cameos from Beth and Michael, that is to say the new series will take place in the same ‘universe' as ‘A Sleepy Surprise'.

Without giving too much away, I'm probably going to be calling this new series ‘The Sleepy Surprise Gang'…

However, the first thing on the agenda is taking care of what my readers are telling me they want the most of… FILTHY RICH! This series follows eighteen year old virgin (not anymore…) Nova Thatcher and the constant bareback punishment she gets between the legs from her billionaire Step-Father, Cal Willis, who is after an heir from her fertile teen body. Part 4 has just gone live with Amazon, and this is looking like being at least a 5 or 6 part series.

Also… Timestop 3 is still on the cards, I promise!

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