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The Sleepy Surprise Club 2 for FREE and $30 Amazon Gift Card


I'm delighted to announce the beginning of a great thing! The ‘A Sleepy Surprise‘ trilogy was very popular and lots of people requested more, so here we have the first part in a spinoff series! Due to the recent changes at Amazon, and real life stuff before that, I haven't been as productive as I would have liked, so to kick-start this new series, and get as many of my fans behind it as possible, I'm going to do something similar to the promotions I ran with some parts of the Filthy Rich series but with some added OOOMPH!

The winner will receive a $30 Amazon Gift Card (via email) but EVERYBODY who enters will receive The Sleepy Surprise Club 2 for free via download from my website when I complete it. To enter, simply use the contact form on my website to answer this simple question about The Sleepy Surprise Club 1: Laurel:

What is the last thing Michael says in this story?

‘The Sleepy Surprise Club 1: Laurel' is available until the end of Friday only for just 99 cents and although you can enter until I publish part 2… might as well grab this one while the price is right!

The winner will be invited to make a comment for my blog post announcing the winner, but agreeing to that is not a condition of entry. Raffle is open to newsletter subscribers only! 🙂

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