Scarlett Skyes

Next Up: Sequel to “Rough Sex with the Sleeping Schoolgirl” Trilogy

I had originally planned the “Rough Sex with the Sleeping Schoolgirl” Trilogy with six parts in mind. I debated, albeit briefly, with myself regarding whether to release them in the same series or not. In the end I decided that there was a distinct separation between the first three stories and the last three. Different location, half different characters, ever so slightly different feel. Plus it would allow me to gauge interest in the topic and characters before investing all the time into it.

I'm pleased to say that Mr. Banner is heading to college, specifically a sorority where the motto is “Through Sex, Power”. Whatever will happen? I'll be doing something a little different, a little experiemental, with the “marketing” of this series, so keep a lookout here on my blog for some teasers and the first story in the “Dazed and Hazed” series.

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