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New Releases: Series finale, bundle and some girl on girl action!

It took me a while to get the “A Sleepy Surprise” series finished, due to the popularity of “Poor Little Rich Girl” I had to concentrate on that. However, “A Sleepy Surprise” was no slouch, and was great fun to find a way to tell a sleep sex tale from the sleeper's perspective, so I was always going to take it through to a creamy impregnating conclusion! “The Lesbian and the Sleeping Virgin” was also a new twist on the theme for me, and I hope it will prove just as popular over time.

A Sleepy Surprise 3
Things have not been going according to plan for eighteen year old Elizabeth. She desperately wants Michael's babies but when her Mom's husband first barebacked her in her sleep, she didn't get pregnant. The next time he wasted his load up her ass! Now, to top it all off it looks like she is failing high school and might have to sit through her final year all over again!

Luckily Michael has a cunning plan, and apparently all Elizabeth has to do is make sure she drinks her hot chocolate and sleeps in her school uniform! When he mentions the hot chocolate, she knows she is in for an exciting evening, but when she wakes up unable to move again she hears more than just Michael's voice in the room. Is that Mr. Coburn, her principal? And Mr. Roydon, her math teacher? She'd gulp anxiously if she could…

A Sleepy Surprise Trilogy
Ever since she turned eighteen Elizabeth has been waking up in the morning a few times a week so very sore between her legs. Lately, though, things have become even stranger, sometimes her pyjamas are in a crumpled heap on the floor and her hair is tied into pigtails too. Not only that but she's been having weird dreams about her Mother's new husband Michael, a pharmacist and a man Elizabeth absolutely adores. In the dreams he whispers naughty things in her ear, touches her petite body in places he really shouldn't, and a whole lot more. Are these just dreams just manifestations of Elizabeth's darkest fantasies, or is she perhaps slowly building a resistance to whatever chemical cocktail Michael may have been slipping her?

This trilogy of stories follows Elizabeth's adventures from finding out about what's going on in her room while she sleeps, her growing desire to have Michael's babies, to the special way Michael ensures her graduation by sharing her sleeping body with her principal and math teacher. Every story has at least one surprise for somebody!

The Lesbian and the Sleeping Virgin
Astra is a new Residential Assistant at a prestigious all girls dorm. The people who run the dorm have no idea about Astra's little secret. For as long as she could remember she's been really into girls, and thinks that having no less than fifteen gullible freshmen looking to her for guidance every year would probably be like a special kind of heaven. She's right.

When innocent virgin Ellie-May lets herself get drunk for the very first time, she ends up being carried back to the dorm by some friends and Astra is waiting. Like any good RA, she slips into Ellie-May's room to make sure she is ok, but nothing she does seems to rouse the sleeping girl…

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