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New Releases: Popular Sequels!

I've managed to stay more or less true to my word as per my previous post concerning upcoming releases! Having just pressed the ‘publish'button on ‘A Sleepy Surprise 3' the only one from my previous list that I haven't yet tackled is ‘Timestop 3: The Virgin Bride', which I still promise to get to! The ‘Poor Little Rich Girl' series has been expanded out to 5 parts, and I'm considering it a wrap unless it becomes some kind of cult classic and there's demand for more sequels. Behold, the fruits of my labours over the past few weeks:

Timestop 2: The Teen Tennis Star
Katia Krupinova is the latest beautiful blonde Russian tennis sensation sweeping the world. Rumour has it that she is still a virgin and Jeff is just the man with just the ability to test the validity of that claim. When he stops time and steps out on to centre court, this is one teen star that is about to get some rough time-frozen sex that she will never know about.

Poor Little Rich Girl 3
Tiffany is eighteen years old, carrying the child of eccentric billionaire Mason Alexander… and falling head over heels for his twenty three year old son and self-made multi-millionaire, Corbin Brant. One week ago they failed to rein in their lust, but they vowed never to repeat the error and jeopardise both of their futures. Now, at a formal evening where Mason Alexander is being presented with the key to the city, will their bodies once more rule their minds? Will Corbin Brant take Tiffany to new heights of forbidden pleasure, right there in the shadows next to the dance floor, where anybody could see them?

Poor Little Rich Girl 4
After being presented with the key to the city, billionaire Mason Alexander is in the mood for some hard and bareback sex, and eighteen year old Tiffany is just the girl for the task. And why not? She's already given her Mother's new husband her virginity and is pregnant with his child. Never mind that she is also falling for the eccentric billionaire's son, Corbin Brant. The confused teen doesn't know what her long-term future holds, but when Mason gets her alone in her room, the immediate future involves her being on her knees or face down and ass up!

Poor Little Rich Girl 5
In this conclusion to the Poor Little Rich Girl series, we learn the answer to the question that plagued ancient philosophers. Can love and millions ever win against power and billions? Either way, with Mason Alexander there is always a price to pay, and he isn't accepting cash.

After running away with Corbin, eighteen year old Tiffany is quickly retrieved and brought back to the house of her Mother's new husband, billionaire Mason Alexander. Locked away in a room, it looks like her future involves being a sex slave for the hard-fucking older man. Angry at how she thought she could get away, Mason isn't about to hold anything back on her tight teen pussy. If she can't, or won't, stay still… well, there's always the handcuffs.

A Sleepy Surprise 2
Elizabeth wants to get pregnant right now and not just any sperm will do! Her mom's new husband, Michael, is the man of her dreams for a reason. Shortly after she turned eighteen he began sneaking into her room at night to have his way with her sleeping body after she drinks her hot chocolate with a ‘special' ingredient that puts her way under. Little does he know that over the weeks she's been developing a resistance to it, and is now fully aware of what he's doing and desperate to get his impregnating creampie. After a brief illness, which Elizabeth mistakes for morning sickness, keeps Michael from fucking her for a couple of weeks he is absolutely ready to go when she flashes some panties and make sure he knows she's had her hot chocolate. This night time visitor still has a few surprises up his sleeve for the teen beauty though!

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