Scarlett Skyes

New Releases: Poor Little Rich Girl 1 and 2

Wow! I never could have dreamed how popular these stories would be, although they are still very new and it is hard to know if they will stand the test of time over the upcoming months. I set out to “cross the streams”, if I may be so bold as to quote the Ghostbusters. By that I mean usually, when writing erotica, the done thing is to write with a specific sub-genre (or kink if you prefer) in mind, perhaps in combination with one other kink for a bit of variety and context. The reason for this is that people who want, say, breeding erotica maybe perfectly happy for the girl to be eighteen, twenty, twenty five, blonde, brunette, whatever. What might turn them off is if the guy doing the breeding is a Minotaur. Same goes for those searching out their monster sex erotica… they might not mind if the girl is eighteen, twenty, twenty five, blonde, brunette, whatever but they may suddenly feel creepy if the girl is sound asleep as the orgasmic moos echo in the night. Don't cross the streams, the wise ones say.

The Poor Little Rich Girl series pretty much ignores that. Part 1 is a mix of billionaires, daddy-daughter pseudo-incest, breeding, rough sex, barely legal (as in eighteen years old) and gagging. Part 2 replaces the daddy with her step-brother, and has everything else plus she is pregnant throughout the story. It's a soap opera with no fade-to-black sex scenes, I'm having an absolute blast writing it and enough people have picked up the first one to put it on Amazon's Hot New Release Chart for Erotica in June, something I've only achieved once before with Rough Sex with the Sleeping Schoolgirl. So thanks to anybody who grabbed it! Part 2 is getting pretty close to breaking into that same chart, I'll probably faint from excitement if they both hit the list at the same time 🙂

Poor Little Rich Girl
Having been poor for as long as she can remember, eighteen year old Tiffany loves her Mom and loves her new rich-girl lifestyle. She still can't fathom how her Mom managed to even date notorious billionaire entrepreneur Mason Alexander, let alone get married to him, but is revelling in the material joys of her new life, as well as the overnight change in her social status. Little did Tiffany know that her virginity was part of the pre-nuptual agreement and Mason likes to fuck hard and without birth control. When Mason forces the issue, how far will Tiffany go to save her Mother's marriage and their new life?

Poor Little Rich Girl 2
Things are going great for eighteen year old Mother-To-Be Tiffany. Despite being knocked up by her Mom's new husband, eccentric billionaire Mason Alexander, everybody is being really supportive and she's never felt more secure about her future. Then Mason's long lost son turns up out of the blue, and things get even more complicated.

Corbin Brant is a multi-millionaire in his own right, even at the comparatively tender age of twenty three. Business accumen isn't the only trait that runs in the family, though, and when he catches Tiffany in an incredibly compromising position will he be able to keep his hands off of her, or his dick out of her?

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