Scarlett Skyes

New Releases: More Werebears and More Sleepy Girls!

The Sleepy Surprise Club series comes to an end with The Sleepy Surprise Club 3: Jenny, wherein sexy geek girl Jenny gets her fantasies fulfilled by two football stars, her best friend and head cheerleader Stella and what sleepy gangbang would be complete without a head librarian who just so happens to be Jenny's step father?

Next up was a surprise for me. I wrote Bearly Legal as part of a small Halloween themed promotion with myself and a few other authors and I didn't have high expectations for it. It was fun to write and was a sub-genre of erotica I hadn't previously dipped my toe in, so for that alone it was worthwhile. This month it is my best selling title, so I'm very glad I left the ending of part 1 open so I could easily continue the story. Now, behold, part 2 is available!

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