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New Releases: Lots of Sleeping Girls, Athletic Cougars and Twins

I've been a bit ill lately so haven't had my nose to the grindstone as much as normal, but I'm feeling fine again! Here's what I've had published since my last update:

Twins Run In The Family: The End
Many years have passed since the crazy days of Ellie's youth. As she approaches forty five years old her Step-Brother Brendan sends his eighteen year old twin sons to stay with her for the summer. When they arrive, Ellie sees an opportunity for history to repeat itself in the sexiest way possible.

Twins Run In The Family: The Complete Series
This series of five stories follows Ellie and her twin Step-Brothers Brendan and Jarrod, from giving into their lust for each other as teens, through adventures competing as international athletes and the trials that celebrity, or infamy, bring, and concluding with a look at how history so often repeats itself.

Sleeping Schoolgirl Slumber Party 1
Two eighteen year old schoolgirls are prepared to do anything to be named valedictorian for their graduating class and their school can't decide which should have the honour. They call in the services of a qualified psychologist to help them pick the most deserving pupil but will the psychologist simply do her job, or will she serve up a couple unconscious teens on a silver platter for Mr. Banner?

Sleeping Schoolgirl Slumber Party 2
The local high school can't decide which beautiful eighteen year old blonde twin to name as head cheerleader, so they call in the volunteered services of a psychologist again to help them choose between the two. After serving the girls some dinner laced with a little something extra, she serves the passed out pair up to the ever-eager Mr. Banner, who puts them through their roughest trials ever.

Sleeping Schoolgirl Slumber Party 3
Yet again the local high school calls in the volunteered services of a psychologist to help them choose between their two valedictorian candidates, yet again she plans on serving up the eighteen year old schoolgirls unconscious and ready for sex with Mr. Banner. This year there is a special treat for him, though. One of the pair is Emma, the little sister of Chloe, who first taught Mr. Banner about how much he likes fucking passed out teens all those years ago.

Written with Cassandra Zara:

Breeding my Sleeping Wife
My wife is everything to me, and she has given me everything a man could possibly want. Everything except the one thing that I want the most: a baby. When her new sleeping pills prove to be more effective than we thought they would, will I be able to stop myself from taking advantage of her? And if I do use her body, what if I cum deep inside her sleeping body? Will she become pregnant, whether she likes it or not?

Breeding my Sleeping Au Pair
I love my wife with all my heart, and I'd never been happier than when we started our own little family. Or more tired. When she received a job offer too good to refuse we needed, and could afford, to hire a live-in babysitter from Russia. We knew she was sexy from her pictures online, but neither of us suspected what a little sexpot she would be. When she accidentally takes some of my wife's sleeping pills instead of her birth control, will I be able to resist the passed out blonde? And if I do take advantage of her will she get pregnant if I give her all the rough bareback sex her sleeping body can handle?

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