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New Releases: Lots of money and a little bit of revenge

Output has been waaaay down lately because I got called up for jury duty, sorry everybody! I can't even promise you a hot story about deliberation room gangbangs as my fellow jurors were not overly inspirational, so it's pretty much a complete loss. However, what time I have had, I've mostly used for the Filthy Rich series, which has proven every bit as popular as Poor Little Rich Girl did before it. Poor Nova Thatcher is getting bareback pounded by the huge girth of billionaire Cal Willis' cock on a regular basis and it's only a matter of time before nature takes its course!

Filthy Rich 1
Eighteen year old schoolgirl Nova Thatcher's life is about to be turned upside down. When her Mom starts dating mysterious billionaire Cal Willis, it seems like their neverending battle with the poverty line might just become a thing of the past. Although Cal does eventually propose to her mother, it seems there are some pretty unusual conditions to the marriage. Cal is after an heir, and thinks petite virgin Nova is just the girl to provide it for him. As Nova's mother could confirm, Cal likes to fuck hard and there's no indication that he'll hold back just because of Nova's inexperience. With her and her mother's entire future riding on her decision, Nova has to make a choice. If she wants to be filthy rich… first she has to be filthy.

Filthy Rich 2
Eighteen year old, Nova Thatcher, was left sore for days after billionaire Cal Willis took her virginity rough and bareback in his mansion, but he's following through on his promise and marrying Nova's mother just like he said he would and now life will never be the same for this formerly poor girl. Despite her initial reluctance about Cal using her body for sex and an heir, Nova soon finds herself craving Cal's attention again, but the busy billionaire almost seems to have forgotten about her. That is until the reception at the wedding, where Nova gets a little drunk and flirtatious with some of the guests. Then Cal has to teach her another lesson and remind her just who her body belongs to now.

Filthy Rich 3
Eighteen year old Nova Thatcher kisses her old life goodbye after sitting her final exams of high school, promptly heading back to her apartment and packing her things to join her Mom and billionaire Cal Willis out in California. With academia out of the way for the time being, she concentrates on getting her license to drive the brand new sports car Cal has bought her, but on the day before she is due to sit her practical exam, her mother's new husband says they are going for a “drive”. Nova knows what she's in for whenever she is alone with Cal, when he says “drive” he means he's going to “drive” his stiff cock into her pussy hard and leave her legs quivering for days after he barebacks her all the way to a creampie that means business!

The other story I've put out in recent weeks is called “Best Served Asleep” a tale of, I think, a pretty all-encompassing revenge on an old school bully. Let this be a lesson to all the assholes out there… don't be a bully or one day the person you pick on may fuck your wife and daughter. Maybe.

Best Served Asleep
Alex has turned the tables on life. From being the quiet, shy, artistic kid back in high school, he is now a successful artist whose sculptures are highly sought after. Handsome and prosperous, he has everything he could want, including being married to Beth, the ex-wife of his high-school-tormentor, Trent. Alex wants to be the bigger man and let bygones be bygones, but he just can't seem to let go of the anger he's held on to for so long. Try as he might to avoid it, Beth and Trent's eighteen year old daughter, Sabrina, just won't stop throwing herself at him. One night after Sabrina comes home drunk and leaves a mess in the kitchen, Alex goes to her room to confront her about it and finds the teen cheerleader passed out on her bed.

That's when Alex has to make a decision. Simply live a good life and let that be the best revenge…. or fuck Sabrina rough and bareback as she lays sleeping?

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