Scarlett Skyes

New Releases: I’ve been busy…

*phew* What a workout! Ten days and ten releases, here's a bunch more stories and collections for you!

Dazed and Hazed: The Trilogy

This trilogy picks up a few years after the events of the Rough Sex with the Sleeping Schoolgirl Trilogy when Mr. Banner is commissioned to create a contract for the pledges of the Mu Tau Tau sorority to sign. The senior members of this greek letter organisation have an idea so extreme that it requires consent in writing! Pledges are going to be used for sex while sleeping by whomever the senior members decide!

So Many Daddies 2: Honeymoon Gangbang
Jenna is having a great honeymoon, but what could make it even better? How about if she calls up all her Daddies and sees if they want to recreate the gangbang that changed her life on her wedding night?

Our Daily Bred 2: Gangbang for God

Tania has failed Father Hanson and faces being expelled from his preparatory course for nuns. When she pleads for a chance to make up for her transgression, will she be able to handle the task he sets before her?

My Brother in Law and My First: The Trilogy

This trilogy of stories follows Rosanna, a girl who will stop at nothing to seduce her Brother in Law, around whom every major sexual event of her life seems to revolve around, from losing her virginity, through to her first gangbang and, ultimately, to true love.

Our Daily Bred: The Duology

This irreverent two pack follows the adventures of Tania, an eighteen year old Catholic schoolgirl who enlists in Father Hanson's preparatory course for nuns. While there she learns of God's plan for her, she must breed for God's army, and Father Hanson, who may be more than just a man, is just the priest to do it.

So Many Daddies 2 Pack

This duology of stories follows Jenna, a newlywed whose Mother's serial monogamy has left her with a whole bunch of Daddies. When her husband passes out on their wedding night and a small army of Daddies ends up in the bridal suite with her, the results are life changing.

The Day My Daddy Impregnated Me

Anna is head-over-heels in love with her Step-Dad, Harvey, but he has been acting a bit funny lately. When he slips into her room and takes away her birth control pills she doesn't know quite what is going on. The next time they manage to get some intimate time together, he has an incredible suggestion. Will Anna surrender her body and future to the man she loves?

The Day My Daddy Trilogy

This trilogy of stories follows the complicated relationship Anna has with her Step-Father, Harvey. From being blackmailed into losing her virginity to him, being shared with one of his friends and finally getting pregnant, it is one hell of a sexy rollercoaster ride.

Timestop 1: My Boss's Teenage Daughter

Jeff Harford has acquired an amazing ability. He can stop time at will. When he's not using his powers for good he's abusing his powers for his own benefit. What would you do to the sexy eighteen year old daughter of your asshole boss if you could stop time?

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