Scarlett Skyes

New Releases: Breeding with the Reluctant Babysitter 3 and the Trilogy!

The last in this series is complete and the bundle of all three stories is also available. Part 3 is the first title that I have enrolled in Amazon's Select program, which gives me the opportunity to do free promotions. As such I have scheduled this weekend, Friday-Sunday for just this purpose! Grab it while it costs nothing!

Sara's little sister, Danielle, has finally turned eighteen. After Danielle tells her about the money and boyfriend troubles she's been having, Sara sends her off for a night of babysitting at the Warren household. Babysitting for Mr. Warren can be lucrative, but it does come at a price, as this virgin schoolgirl reluctantly finds out. The Warrens' couch will never be the same.

WARNING: this 5400 word story contains explicit scenes of unprotected sex, a reluctant virgin teen babysitter getting groped and bred with the creamiest of cream pies, first time sex and orgasms powerful enough to send you straight to the maternity ward!

Excerpt: “…”What are you going to do?” I looked downwards, an angle that would have given me a view of my feet a year previous was now obscured by my breasts.

“I'm going to have to take you to the police, it's up to them what happens from there. However, as a lawyer I can tell you that the criminal record is going to shut a lot of those doors that were previously open. Your life is going to be very different from how you imagined it.”

“Please don't do it, Mr. Warren!”

I was still looking downwards and a big fat tear dripped off the end of my nose and went straight down my top, landing on my breast before running sideways to be soaked up by my bra. I was in shock, my whole life was being turned upside down in a matter of seconds. My mind was whirling around a million revolutions per minute trying to think of a way, any way, out of this. Panic was setting in, and then Mr. Warren's voice softened.

“You know, maybe we can work something out.”

I looked up at him, tears still flowing out of the corners of my eyes and tried to smile.

“Yes! Please! I'll do anything, please just don't go to the police. I'll give your money back, OK?”

“I've got a better idea, Danielle. You can keep the money, you've got something else I'd rather have.”

“But what…”

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