Scarlett Skyes

New Releases: Bred by the Rock Star 3 and the Trilogy

The rock star series is all done and available at major bookstores now! The last installment in the series ended up being very different from the first two, showing just how varied a rock-star-sex-experience can be.

This trilogy of stories follows the exploits of UK Rock Band ‘Bareback' over the course of a single night after a concert. When Bareback goes on tour they always leave behind a lot more than just happy memories! WARNING: These stories contain explicit scenes of unprotected sex between rock stars and teen fans, reluctant breeding, exhibitionism, oral sex, back stage sex, tour bus sex, limo sex and orgasms powerful enough to make you want to form a cover band.

Excerpt: “…I turned my face towards him, his stubble tingling pleasantly across my cheek, until I was looking into his eyes. Our noses were almost touching and I desperately wanted to lean forward to kiss him. I’d set out at the start of the night looking to talk shop with my idol and instead I’d found something that felt like a kindred spirit.

The thought that I was just a small-time local girl and he was an international rock star was still holding me back. I’m not sure if I ever would have mustered up the courage if he hadn’t leaned his head slightly to the right and softly touched his lips to mine. For me it was like my lips had been shocked by static electricity, the jolt of disbelief was so strong, and I stayed motionless for a moment.

Soon, though, my body got over the surprise and I raised my chin slightly to improve the angle while returning his kiss with excitement. His tongue gently extended a short way past my lips, seeking and finding my own. Together they twirled around as if dancing to some wonderful slow music.

Keeping one hand pressed against my back, Noah reached downwards with the other and put it between my knees, pushing my leg aside so he could move between them while still kneeling on the floor. I resisted at first, thinking of how opening my legs would make my skirt ride up and leave only my flimsy panties between my pussy and the potentially rock hard rock star.

My resistance wilted under his gentle but steady pressure and he shuffled into the space made available to him, his upper body now as close as it had been in the midst of our hug. The hand that had pushed my legs open slid upwards along my smooth thigh. Over the material of my skirt it roamed and came to rest just above my hip, his thumb stroking the firm flesh of my navel like he was strumming a slow love song on his guitar, playing me like a true master…”

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