Scarlett Skyes

New Release: The Sleepy Surprise Club 1: Laurel

Taking a break from tearing my hair out trying to figure out what Amazon's rules are, I've got part 1 of a spinoff series to ‘A Sleepy Surprise' published and ready for your enjoyment! 99 cents for Friday only!

Eighteen year old Laurel is jealous of the special relationship her sister, Beth, has with their mother's new husband, Michael, and the way Beth managed to graduate. Fortunately Beth has a plan that will work out just great for Laurel. And Michael. And the principal Mr. Coburn. And the math teacher Mr. Roydon. And the captain of the football team, Todd.

A story of gangbanging sleep sex, creampies everywhere and a virgin schoolgirl breeding like it's going out of fashion? It's all here!

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