Scarlett Skyes

New Release: Taking Tracey 1: A Rough Sex Gender Swap Love Story

It's heeeere! This story escaped me a little bit, it was too much fun imagining what Samantha would do when she became Sam. For a rough sex, gender swap story I thought it turned out remarkably sweet, it's a love story as well and hence the subtitle. I hope you enjoy it.

Eighteen year old Samantha is a small town girl who is too afraid to show the world what she really is. In her close-knit community it would be unthinkable to come out as a lesbian, so she lives in fear and frustration, unable to tell her best friend Tracey that she is in love with her.

Seven days before going to college Samantha vows to herself that she will tell Tracey how she feels when they visit the travelling Pasternak Fun Fair. She figures she will either have a magical week or live with a week of torment before disappearing into college life.

Unfortunately she is unable to muster up the courage and while briefly separated from Tracey she makes a heartfelt wish in a wishing well, never really expecting it to come true. However, when she wakes up the next morning as a tall, muscular and handsome man can she find a way to seduce her friend and give Tracey the rough sex she wants?

WARNING: This 7800 word story contains explicit descriptions of sex between two teen girls though one of them has been gender transformed into a man, rough sex in a car, oral sex, a cream pie, a dilema for the future and orgasms powerful enough to make you grow hair where you never had hair before and make you start thinking about girls. INTENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY

Excerpt: “…Tracey made a move as if to pull my hands away again, but then seemed to think better of it, instead glancing down to look at where my hard member was pressing into her. I wasn’t sure if she could see anything with her breasts in the way though.

Her blue eyes raised again and I stared into them, lost in their depths as I so often had been before. This time was different, though. In the clear deep blue I could see, for the first time, barely restrained lust. In front of me was a teen girl who desperately wanted to get fucked, but didn’t want to look easy.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Tracey. You?”


“That’s one of my favourite names,” she said.

I smiled, genuinely touched. I needed her more than ever and decided to lay my cards out on the table.

“I want you, Tracey.”

“I… um… but I’m here with my friends and…”

“I want you, right now, they’ll understand.”


I looked around to make sure nobody was paying close attention to us and then reached behind my neck and pulled one of her hands away. Slowly, inexorably, I brought her hand between our bodies, towards my cock. When she realised what I was doing she tried to pull her hand away, but I was far too strong for her and soon her palm was resting on the concealed shaft of my ever-present erection and her lips parted as she quietly gasped and closed her eyes. I bent down to whisper in her ear.

“If you want to get fucked harder than you’ve ever been fucked in your life, come out to my car right now…”

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