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New Release: Sleeping Schoolgirl Slumber Party Trilogy

A quick few posts coming up, keeping them separate for clarity of tagging! Thanks to the recent influx of mailing list subscribers… I've got something nice coming up for all of you, which I should be able to get ready in the next day or two.

Mr. Banner has had a hell of a run, but his adventures have at last come to a happy ending with this trilogy (I think). After nine stories and ten different sleeping girls, one confirmed pregancy, souvenir photos and panties of the rich and famous, rough deflowering and all kinds of other shenanigins, I think he's earned some rest!

Sleeping Schoolgirl Slumber Party Trilogy
The Sleeping Schoolgirl Slumber Party series details the sleep sex that no less than six eighteen year old high school girls are entrapped into with none other than the lucky Mr. Banner having his way with them over and over again. Gymnasts, cheerleaders, twins, beach volleyballers, all of them are proud to represent their school, and Mr. Banner is happy to take advantage of their passed out bodies for his own pleasure. With expert and unbiased counselling from the now-qualified psychologist, Ava Banner, everybody gets their happy ending.

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