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New Release: Dazed and Hazed 3: The Actress

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It's landed! For anybody after the last part in the Dazed and Hazed series it is now available on Amazon. Also Friday-Monday I have made the last part in the “Rough Sex with the Sleeping Schoolgirl” trilogy free AND the first part in this “Dazed and Hazed” trilogy is also free. It's a great time to collect the complete adventures of Mr. Banner! If you'd like to be kept up to date whenever I do these kinds of promotions, please sign up for my mailing list.

Nineteen year old movie star, Naomi Potter, is taking a break from the red carpets of Hollywood to pursue studies in political science. Hoping to leverage her celebrity status into politics in later life, she knows she needs the connections that only the Mu Tau Tau sorority can provide. When she gets hazed, just how hard will her number one fan fuck her?

WARNING: This 4900 word story contains explicit descriptions of rough sex between an older man and a younger woman and somnophilia themes including sleeping sex, sleeping breast sex, sleeping creampie and all round rough sex with a passed out teen actress getting completely defiled.

Excerpt: “…Hopping on the popular bandwagon of super-hero movies, she was cast as ‘The Silver Amazon’ in the movie adaptation of the comic going by the same name. She was eighteen by the time they finished filming that one and the difference in scenes between those shot before her birthday and after was almost like two different movies.

The director knew what would get asses into those movie theatre seats. Skin-tight body suits and deep, deep, cleavage from his newly-legal-sex-object star, Naomi Potter. The Silver Amazon’s new uniform that was worked into the movie halfway through was nothing short of breath taking. She was eighteen years old, sexy as holy fuck, talented and a rising star. She was a super heroine, she was The god damn Silver Amazon.

The last movie Naomi was in she played a journalist sent undercover to a Catholic girls’ school to investigate rumours of sexual abuse by the priests and faculty. Sent undercover as a Catholic schoolgirl. As if the very premise wasn’t enough to have men across the country watching with guilty pleasure, the movie also featured her first sex scene. It was soft core to the point of no actual nudity, but her moans had been ringing in my ears ever since.

Now passed out and defenceless in front of me on the bed in the Mu Tau Tau chapter house, like the best present in the world, was Naomi Potter. At nineteen years old she had started college a year later than most, presumably to finish her last movie. Why she was taking time out of her incredibly lucrative life to get fucked hard in her sleep by a stranger I couldn’t fathom, but I was not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth…”

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