Scarlett Skyes

New Release: Dazed and Hazed 1: The Princess

Available on Amazon only for the time being and at a promotional price of 99 cents for the first 100 copies. Incidentally, the backmatter of part 1 is the first place you'll be able to see who the stars of parts 2 and 3 will be.

This trilogy picks up a few years after the events of the Rough Sex with the Sleeping Schoolgirl trilogy when Mr. Banner is commissioned to create a contract for the pledges of the Mu Tau Tau sorority to sign. The senior members of this greek letter organisation have an idea so extreme that it requires consent in writing! Pledges are going to be used for sex while sleeping by whomever the senior members decide!

Fifth in line for the Swedish crown, Princess Klara Matilda Grahn is buxom nordic perfection. She thinks that a hefty bribe paid to the senior sorority members will be enough to get her out of the hardest parts of the hazing process, but will it? Click here to read Klara's backstory for free!

WARNING: This 4450 word story contains explicit descriptions of rough sex between an older man and a younger woman and somnophilia themes including sleeping sex, sleeping breast sex, a massive sleeping cumshot and all round rough sex with a passed out princess getting completely defiled.


“…“Room five. Up those stairs, turn right and then third on the left. It’s got a huge ‘5’ on it, you can’t miss it.”

“Thanks,” I said, accepting my driver’s license back.

When the girl looked back down at her piece of paper I winked at Ava and headed up the indicated stairs, turning right at the top and counting the doors on the left. She was right, I couldn’t have missed it, the ‘5’ on the door was nearly as big as the door itself. I knocked and then silently chastised myself for being stupid and opened it.

The door closed with a satisfyingly heavy ‘thunk’ behind me and I looked around the room, surprised by the opulence compared with my own college days. Then I remembered how much more Ava’s college cost and my surprise faded. Candles and dim lights provided a surprisingly romantic atmosphere considering the purpose of the occasion, an atmosphere added to by the slow, dreamy music playing over some hidden sound system.

In the luxurious four-poster bed, with just her head and waves of blonde locks peeking out, was the girl I had chosen for my first night of this wondrous long weekend. We had never met before, but when I chose her I took the time to look her up on the internet. Princess Klara Matilda Grahn, fifth in line for the Swedish crown.

Nearly six feet of busty, Nordic, perfection resulting from generations of the finest breeding, personal trainers, finishing schools and style consultants that only royalty can afford. She was practically the goddess Aphrodite walking the earth, and almost as mysterious.

In all her eighteen-and-a-bit years, she only seemed to have been photographed at official engagements except for one picture, which claimed to be her sunbathing topless a few months previous. The picture was so grainy and pixelated that it may very well have been taken from Mars, it was impossible to tell if it was Klara, or if the subject was topless for that matter.

No, we had never met each other, and I supposed she may never meet me, but I was going to fuck her as hard as I could and cum inside her. I was going to do anything and everything I wanted with the sleeping princess, my very own fairy tale…”

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