Scarlett Skyes

New Release: Breeding with the Reluctant Babysitter 2

I am pleased to announce the sequel to Breeding with the Reluctant Babysitter is now available!  Below is a short blurb and excerpt:

Eighteen year old Breanna has been tricked into babysitting for the Warren family and gets caught red-handed when she tries to steal from his secret stash of money. There's only one thing she can do to get out of this tricky situation. Thankfully, Mr Warren promises he is wearing a condom.

WARNING: this 4800 word story contains explicit scenes of unprotected sex, a reluctant teen babysitter getting groped and bred, first time deep throat and orgasms powerful enough to make your pigtails curl.

Excerpt: “…Mr. Warren passed me the tablet PC, on which a video of some kind was playing. I thought that was an odd time to be showing me whatever latest funny video clip was on the internet but my heart almost stopped when I saw it was a video of the very room I was standing in. Shortly after I registered that fact, I saw myself enter from the left side of the screen and perform the theft I had done earlier that evening.

I looked back up at Mr. Warren with tears beginning to run down my cheeks, leaving blackish-grey trails of my eye-liner, which had all been part of my sexy schoolgirl costume.

“Please Mr…” I began but he held up his hand.

“Stop right there, Breanna. There’s no way I can just let this slide. The only question is are you going to come peacefully to the police station or do I have to make a citizen’s arrest and restrain you? Such a shame, how you’ve thrown your entire future away.”

I literally dropped to my knees in front of him, carefully putting the tablet PC on the ground before grasping at his hands.

“Please, Mr. Warren, I’m sorry! I’ll give you the money back!”

“Of course I’ll get my money back, after the police have taken it from you.”

“No, please! I’ll do anything! I want to go to acting school, they won’t give me my scholarship if I have a criminal record!”

“Such a shame,” Mr. Warren repeated himself but seemed to be pondering something as he looked down at me.

I’d seen a similar look on my boyfriend, Matt’s, face the first time I let him see my breasts. There’s an unmistakable look of hunger that goes with lust and I knew I still had a bargaining chip. Two actually, and though small they were firm and full of the perkiness of youth…”

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