Scarlett Skyes

New Release: A Sleepy Surprise

I'd been wanting to do a sleep sex story from the sleeper's perspective for some time… but it was kinda difficult to come up with a scenario that would let the story be told with a nice flowing first person narrative, rather than by way of disjointed flashback scenes, commentary on viewing a recording of the act, or something. Then I had an idea that solved the problem, let everybody have a good time and I hoped wouldn't interfere with the central themes. The story then came together pretty quickly 🙂

A Sleepy Surprise
Ever since she turned eighteen Elizabeth has been waking up in the morning a few times a week so very sore between her legs. Lately, though, things have become even stranger, sometimes her pyjamas are in a crumpled heap on the floor and her hair is tied into pigtails too. Not only that but she's been having weird dreams about her Mother's new husband Michael, a pharmacist and a man Elizabeth absolutely adores. In the dreams he whispers naughty things in her ear, touches her petite body in places he really shouldn't, and a whole lot more. Are these just dreams just manifestations of Elizabeth's darkest fantasies, or is she perhaps slowly building a resistance to whatever chemical cocktail Michael may have been slipping her?

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