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After a late night at the movies, John comes home to find one of his little sister's sorority friends passed out in his bed after a heavy night of drinking. Looks like she's ended up in the wrong room and he'll have to find somewhere else to sleep. Maybe he could have a little fun first though…

Warning: This 4600 word story contains explicit descriptions of college sex between a young man and a passed out blonde sorority girl and somnophilia themes including sleeping sex and sleeping oral. John also has a difficult decision to make… where should he blow his load? This story is intended for Adults Only and the author does not condone such actions out in the real world.

Excerpt: “…I silently mouthed ‘wow’ as her lower body came into view, Hannah’s legs were long, toned and tanned, ending in cute little feet with tiny pink-painted toenails. I slowly ran my hand inside one of her thighs, starting at the knee and working my way almost to where her panties provided a final and, I judged, ineffective last defence of her little pussy.

Hannah’s panties were pristine white with a little red love heart over her mound and a pink bow at the top on the waistband as if her pussy was a present, a gift to be cherished. The elastic material clung to her every curve, providing me just a hint of the folds of her pussy lips beneath. With a single finger, I slid along that crease in her panties, feeling the heat of her sex radiating through, calling me like a moth to the flame…”

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