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Filthy Rich 2: Free Download


I've just hit the “publish” button with Amazon for “Filthy Rich 2” and, as mentioned in my last newsletter, for those of you that sent me the relevant proof of purchase for part 1, I am giving you this sequel free! In a few moments I am going to be emailing out the password for this download. That means, if you're quick, you'll actually have a copy of this before it's even officially published 🙂

Download button below!

Warning: This 5100 word story contains explicit descriptions of sex between an older billionaire and an eighteen year old near-virgin, including light slapping and spanking, ball sucking, oral sex, orgasm denial, a huge creampie and all round rough sex between the new man of the house and a fertile bridesmaid!

Edit 08/05/2013: Looks like everybody who sent me the proof of purchase has now grabbed this download, this edit removes the download button from this post. Thanks to all who contacted me!

10 thoughts on “Filthy Rich 2: Free Download

    1. Scarlett Post author

      Thanks Evett,

      They’ll take writing from my cold dead hands, but the changes Amazon has made will heavily influence what I publish.

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