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Dazed and Hazed 3: The Actress (backstory)

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Here we go! The very last part of the Dazed and Hazed Trilogy will be available on Amazon shortly. Below you will find the backstory for Mr. Banner's third sleepy partner in his long weekend of helping the Mu Tau Tau sorority haze its pledges. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to be kept up to date with what I'm doing, new and upcoming releases, my rambling thoughts on writing, freebies and the like!

Teen movie star, Naomi Potter, is taking a break from the red carpets of Hollywood to pursue studies in political science. Hoping to leverage her celebrity status into politics in later life, she knows she needs the connections that only the Mu Tau Tau sorority can provide. When she gets hazed, just how hard will her number one fan fuck her?

“You’re crazy, Naomi, you’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot. Don’t you realise how much momentum you’ve got going right now?”

Adrian, my agent, was putting on a big show about my decision to take a break from acting to go to college. He was pretending he had only my best interests at heart, but I could see through him like he was made of glass. Pretending was what I did for a living and I can spot amateur pretending a mile away.

“My mind is made up, Adrian, I’ve enrolled, it’s done. Acting will always be a passion of mine. Hell, that’s why I’ve decided to work towards politics. When I’m done with studying I’ll come back to it, and I can be available for TV cameos in the holidays and stuff, the world won’t forget me while I get my degree.”

That was true, but Adrian looked like he was trying to do calculations in his head about how much money he was going to lose if I wasn’t doing movies over the next few years.

“You’ll still be my agent after all this, there’s no sign that movies are going to stop being made before I graduate. I just have to think of my future and go where my heart leads me.”

That was only a half truth, I was going to take this opportunity to break away from Adrian even though I’d been with him for five years by this point. Ever since I became somewhat, shall we say, top-heavy he’d been pushing for me to do sexier roles. I wanted to be a serious actress and do roles that were fun and challenging. Adrian seemed to want to push me as a life support system for a big set of tits, eye candy. Either that or he just wanted to get me naked on the big screen to satisfy his own curiosity.

Personally, I didn’t have any moral issues with nudity if the right movie to progress my career required it, but I wasn’t going to show off my newly-legal body right away and not for any old throwaway role. I’d had to fight hard to get the nude scenes toned down in my last movie so there was no nipple, it was just too soon to show my massive chest getting molested by a priest on the big screen. I had a powerful mind, and I wanted to use it to change the world.

“You really think you can just go to college like a normal person? You’ll get mobbed by fans every time you try to go to a lecture, you’ll never get anything done. Why not take some kind of correspondence course while you keep on working?”

“Nobody takes those kind of degrees seriously, not in politics. I’ve got a real opportunity to enter into politics down the road with a huge fan base. If I have the right credentials to back up that popularity, the right support, then I can go a long way. To the top, if you know what I mean.”

“You’ve got ambition, I’ll give you that. Smart too… I just don’t think you should do it right now. You’re still young, there’s lots of time for studying but you’re on the rise right now.”

“Enough is enough, Adrian, we’re going over the same ground again.”

I was done with it, with him. I had bigger things to think about, like my hazing for example. I’d seen a lot of contracts in my short time on this earth, and the contract I was expected to sign just to be initiated into a sorority was by far the most thorough of all of them.

I’d done a lot of research into the lives of our most influential politicians in recent history and found a couple names pop up that I really didn’t expect. One of them was Alpha Tau Mu, a Fraternity, and the other was Mu Tau Tau, a sorority. These organisations were disproportionately represented in the college lives of successful politicians, by a huge degree.

I expanded my search and found passing mention to these same organisations in the histories of many successful business persons, entrepreneurs and pretty much anybody in any kind of position of power. The connections this fraternity and sorority had were absolutely unparalleled, I knew I had to get in but I hadn’t been expecting the kind of hazing they had in mind.

Apparently, if the contract was to be believed, they planned on using me, and the other pledges, as fuck toys for whoever they decided. If it was true then it went a long way in explaining why Mu Tau Tau at least had such powerful connections in the world of politics and business.

Even so, I still found it hard to believe so I asked to meet with some of Mu Tau Tau’s senior members to get to the bottom of it. Like I said before, I pretend for a living and I can spot a lie a mile away. The young women I met with, Lucy and Ava, were serious. They fully intended to let a stranger fuck my unconscious body and cum inside me, if he wanted to.

It was a hell of a thing… but where many might have seen an unthinkable act of violation, I saw an opportunity. Considering the payoff, by that I mean the contacts that Mu Tau Tau would be able to give me, I was already committed to going through with whatever initiation rites they had in mind. However, I wanted to retain some measure of control in case they let some kind of maniac loose on me.

I played it cool and tried to negotiate with them some circumstances under which I could remain un-drugged during the hazing but still get into the sorority. If I could get through the hazing with the man convinced that I was asleep the entire time he fucked me, if he couldn’t tell the difference, then it would hopefully be acceptable. By the time I left the Mu Tau Tau chapter house, Ava and Lucy said they would sincerely consider my idea.

I could tell they were sincere about the consideration but I had no idea what conclusion they would come to, that was still up in the air when I left. I snapped out of my recollections to find Adrian just sitting there watching me, his eyes had dropped down to my breasts as most guys eyes did these days. I cleared my throat.

“So, let’s get these papers signed.”

Adrian sighed and slid over the paperwork he needed my go-ahead on for that particular day, finally defeated.

“I’ll keep on chasing the roles for you, OK? You never know, there might be something you just can’t turn down.”

“You never know what’s around the corner, that’s for sure.”

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