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Dazed and Hazed 2: The Virgin (backstory)

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The second part in the Dazed and Hazed trilogy will be out soon! Below is the backstory for Mr. Banner's second sleepy partner.

Naive freshman Stacey has lived a sheltered life of home schooling and strict religious observance. When her father sends her out into the world to go to college so she can help the heathens see the light neither he nor Stacey has any idea just how far the senior members of the Mu Tau Tau sorority will go in their hazing ritual.

I thought a pleasant walk to the chapter house of Mu Tau Tau would be a good opportunity to collect my thoughts ahead of the meeting I had with Lucy Keyes and Ava Banner. I was wrong. I couldn’t seem to get more than ten steps without some guy yelling out of a car window at me, or walking up and asking for my phone number.
It was like they didn’t know that a respectable gentleman had to go to my father first to ask permission to take me on a date. So far my father had not deemed any of the boys back home a suitable candidate to take me to the local dance hall. If these ones weren’t even asking him then I had to assume they weren’t suitable either so I politely declined.
The walk took me through the campus, which seemed to be filled with students beginning to roll into town in the days and weeks before classes actually started. Apparently the only things they cared about, rather than getting a good start on their studies, were getting drunk and having a good time.
Some of the things that were yelled at me from passing vehicles I wouldn’t even consider if I was married to the yell-er! It seemed that my father was right about the world in general. My whole life, back on the ranch, he had taught my siblings and I about how Satan was taking over our country and it was up to us, as good God-fearing citizens to take it back.
That’s how I became the first one in my family to continue in formal education after high school level home schooling. My parents could provide all the education I needed to work on the land and to spread the word of God, but they couldn’t give me the doctorate I needed for people to take our common-sense, real-world arguments and evidence against Satan seriously.
My father had told me that to lead the heathens back to the light I must first immerse myself amongst them, which is why he suggested I pick a sorority at random and join it if I was able to do so without compromising our ideals. I read what I could about sororities to try to find what they were like and became quite alarmed. Some of them apparently liked to humiliate their prospective members in a ritual known as ‘hazing’, by paddling them on their naked rear ends with wooden paddles. Naked behinds! Unthinkable.
I was quite relieved when the contract from Mu Tau Tau came through in the post to me. The things they spelled out in that document were so far-fetched that they were impossible. I knew that it had to be a test, a measure of my commitment to them, there was no way on God’s green earth that they could possibly mean what they said. So, with a light heart, I signed on the dotted line, feeling a guilty sense of pride for having seen through their ruse.
Walking through the campus that day though, I felt a wavering of my certainty. The outside world was so corrupted that the impossible seemed commonplace. The entire time I was out the only bible I saw was my own. Where did these people turn to for guidance when something unexpected or unfortunate happened?
When I rounded a corner and saw the Mu Tau Tau chapter house for the first time, I was even more shaken. It looked like some giant haunted mansion, with huge Greek letters carved in stone above the front door almost like a false idol. I was scared but offered up a quick prayer and felt an instant surge of strength. I would get through this.
I strode up the path and knocked on the front door, ready to face whatever they would throw at me. The door opened and I was greeted by a girl a few years older than myself with her blonde hair pulled back in a tight bun and expensive clothes on.
“Yes, hello.”
“Thanks for coming in on such short notice. I’m Lucy, Ava is in the office already, follow me.”
Lucy shook my hand briefly, closed the door and set off at a brisk pace until we came to an open door that looked like it had been set up as a temporary office. Behind the table, strewn with paper and passport sized photographs, was a pretty girl about the same age as Lucy.
“Ava, Lucy. Lucy, Ava.”
“Hi Lucy, thanks for coming in to see us. We don’t bring in everybody, but there were some things you put on your application that we thought warranted a little chat face to face. Please, take a seat.”
I sat in the chair in front of the desk that Ava gestured towards while Lucy circled around and lowered herself beside her colleague.
“What kind of things?” I asked.
“Well,” Lucy flipped through a set of stapled sheets, presumably my application. “The major point that we wanted to clarify was question three, where we asked how many sexual partners you’d had, and you put zero. Was that… a joke?”
“No Ma’am.”
“O…kay. So then, when we sent the contract out and you sent it back signed, you are prepared to give your virginity away while unconscious? To whomever we decide?”
“I really want to be a member… I’ll do anything.”
Lucy and Ava looked at each other, incredulous.
“We were in two minds about even sending the contract out to you, Stacey. We thought there was no way a virgin would sign up to get fucked hard by some random stud in their sleep.”
I blushed at the blasé way they were discussing my purity, like it was a forgone conclusion that it would soon be taken. I knew deep down that God wouldn’t let that happen though, so my nerves weren’t playing up too badly. Lucy continued with her description of the events that led up to my contract being sent out.
“The thing that tipped the scales was your application photo. We have certain standards of appearance for our girls. Not just any rich bitch can get in, no matter who she knows. You’re pretty enough that I might take you myself. Have you ever been with another girl, Stacey?”
That was more than I had been prepared for. Far more. The burning sensation of my blush reached fever pitch and I knew I must look like a beetroot. I couldn’t get any words out and so shook my head.
“I didn’t think so. How have you managed to keep all those cocks back home out of your pretty little pussy?”
I was beyond embarrassed, but I at least knew the answer to this one.
“I’m not married yet!”
“Are you going to marry the random guy we get to fuck you?”
“No… God will keep me safe, my Dad said so.”
“Aha, there we go. We’ve got a naïve one here, Ava.”
“I thought so, Lucy.”
“Listen up, Stacey. I think we’ve got quite a test of your faith scheduled in a few weeks time. I guess if you don’t turn up then you didn’t really have much faith to begin with.”
“I’ll be there!”
“We’ll see. There’s somewhere else you’ve got to go first though, pledge. I know what you fucking virgins are like.”
Lucy scribbled something down on a small letter-headed piece of paper and handed it to me folded over.
“Go there the morning before you come here for your hazing. Sveta will tell me if you don’t show up for your appointment.”
“I’ll be there.” I repeated, fuming at how she had questioned my faith.
“Right. I’ve got everything I needed out of this meeting. Ava, did you have any other questions?”
“Nope, I think we got to the heart of the matter.”
“Agreed. Stacey, this meeting is over. See you in a few weeks.”
I clenched my jaws shut and nodded as politely as I could muster at both of them before standing and retreating back the way I had come out into the fresh breeze of the afternoon. I was halfway back to my apartment before I realised that I had Lucy’s piece of paper bunched up in my hand.
I uncrinkled and unfolded it, seeing what was written for the first time. On it was a name and address of a ‘beauty therapist’ along with a note from Lucy to said therapist, whose name was Sveta:
Spruce this one up for me, Sveta. Also all hair from the shoulders down, you know what to do. Lucy Keyes.
What on earth was she talking about? At that moment some guy in a car driving past yelled out at me.
“How’d you like to get fucked in the ass, sweet cheeks?”
I’d had enough for one day and yelled back at him.
“Never in a million years, loser!”

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