Scarlett Skyes

Dazed and Hazed 1: The Princess (backstory)

The first part in the Dazed and Hazed series will be out soon! Below is the backstory for Mr. Banner's first sleepy partner.

Fifth in line for the Swedish crown, Princess Klara Matilda Grahn is buxom nordic perfection. She thinks that a hefty bribe paid to the senior sorority members will be enough to get her out of the hardest parts of the hazing process, but will it? Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to be kept up to date with the backstory and to be notified when Dazed and Hazed 1 goes live at all major ebook retailers.

“Your Royal Highness, the car is ready.”

“I don’t want to go.”

“Your father has arranged it, Ma’am. I’m sorry, you have no choice.”

With a sigh I walked out of the door, held open for me by Magnus, my personal bodyguard. He was supposed to be my bodyguard anyway but it seemed like he took his orders from my father, the King of Sweden, and nobody else. Arguing with Magnus was like arguing with a statue. A statue facing the other way. I might as well not exist for all the good my arguments would do.
The car wasn’t a limo, but it did have a driver. Gustav was his name and he was dressed in a black suit and sunglasses just the same as Magnus. It was supposed to make them inconspicuous, but I thought the Man-in-Black look was about as obvious as an orange jumpsuit. They were my royal guard while I was visiting America, though only Magnus would be returning with me when I came back for college the next academic year.

My arguments with my father had fallen on ears as deaf as Magus’ when I had told him I wanted to study at home in Sweden. He wanted me to gain valuable contacts while I was learning here, I was a pawn in his political games. That’s why I was having this meeting with the senior members of the Mu Tau Tau sorority.

Nobody in my father’s intelligence network knew much about this particular greek letter organisation, but they did know that the many important politicians, business people and wealthy individuals bent over backwards to provide support for it. It was in a class of its own in regards to connections, and that was all my father really cared about. He was much more involved in the running of Sweden than monarchs had been for some time, I think he had grand designs for where the family was going.

I was a princess, but I felt more trapped than the average person, a pawn in my father’s game. When the contract arrived via special delivery I couldn’t believe what they were proposing to do. If I read the contract correctly, and I was sure I did, they were proposing to drug me and let whomever they wanted use my body for sex while I was passed out.
It was impossible on so many levels. I was a princess, and I’d grown up my whole life with the firm belief that my only partners would be princes. For most girls this is a pie-in-the-sky fairy tale, but for me it was almost guaranteed. Prince Vilhelm of Norway had never made any secret about his feelings for me, feelings that had proven to include ‘lust’ as we had learned a couple of months previous.

My father had said they must be joking, and that I had to sign the contract and go ahead with it. These sororities did sometimes have crazy initiation ceremonies, and this must be a test of my commitment to the organisation. However, in case it wasn’t, we also arranged this meeting so that I could personally drop off a ‘donation’ to Mu Tau Tau. In return it was expected that I would be spared any of the more humiliating aspects of what they called ‘hazing’.

The car pulled up outside a large house. It bordered on mansion size, really, and appeared to be quite old, by American standards anyway. Above the doorway, carved on a large stone tablet were the Greek letters ‘Mu’ ‘Tau’ and ‘Tau’ again. The building seemed to radiate the unknown power of a secret society.
I gulped. What if my father was wrong? What if they really did mean everything they said in the contract? Most of me was still aghast at the thought of being used as some unknown man’s sex toy. Part of me, the rebellious part, had begun to warm to the idea.

The previous night I’d been flicking through the television channels in my hotel room, seeing what American shows were like and I happened across a channel where all they showed were explicit videos of people having sex. I was mesmerised, I’d never been allowed to watch anything like that before.

In one video called ‘Countdown to Fuck 21’ an older man absolutely ravaged an innocent looking teen girl on what was supposedly her eighteenth birthday. I’d never in my whole life imagined such hard and rough sex. Their bodies crashed together with wet slapping sounds and instead of quiet and dignified chirps of pleasure the girl ended up screaming the house down when she came.
It was so different from my own experience. Was it possible something like that could happen to me while I was here? The rebellious part certainly hoped so. Nothing would displease my father more than to know his little princess fucked hard and ruined by a commoner. I felt myself get slightly wet from the memory of the video, but the course of action Mu Tau Tau wanted to take with me was on a different level entirely and I still had enough misgivings to be scared.

“We’ll wait here. You’ve got your panic button, press it and we’ll be there at a moment’s notice.”

I nodded and exited the car, walking to the front door of the Mu Tau Tau chapter house and knocking. A pretty woman in her early twenties with hair pulled back in a harsh-looking bun answered the door and with few pleasantries led me to a room that was being used as a temporary office.

“You have the money?” She asked.

“Yes. We have an understanding, correct?” I asked as I handed it over.

“We acknowledge your request but can’t make any guarantees. The contract is binding and if the senior members vote to enforce it then that decision will be final.”

“But… you won’t really do it, will you?”

“Klara, we’re very serious about who we let be members here. You’ve got to be willing to give everything to the sorority. The first thing you need to do is realise that you’re not a princess here. I can’t believe you wore a fucking tiara to this meeting.”

I reached up and touched the jewellery, suddenly embarrassed, while she continued.

“You’re a pretty girl, tall, blonde, big tits. I bet they bounce like nobody’s business when you’re fucked hard, don’t they?”

My blush deepened. Nobody had ever spoken to me like that before. I’d never been fucked hard before, so I didn’t know how to respond.

“You just leave it up to us. We’ll decide what’s best for you. Thanks for the donation anyway.”

She threw the bundle into a safe and closed the door, before turning back to me with a look on her face that said she considered the meeting to be over.

“See you in a couple of months. Enjoy the holidays.”

“See… uh… goodbye.”

I made my way back to the car lost in my own thoughts. On the drive back to the hotel I fantasised about what might happen when I got hazed. By the time I returned to Sweden I couldn’t wait to start my time of higher learning.

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