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Cracking the Amazon Code

Somebody get me Tom Hanks! I tell you… I'm buggered if I know what Amazon really wants out of erotica. I thought I had it all figured out. I reworked over twenty works on my backlist, submitted them and had them all approved. I thought that was enough to have some reasonable confidence about what the rules actually are. So… I took everything I learned and carried on updating everything to comply with Amazon's new, and secret, policies. What do I get for my troubles? Nine titles outright blocked, so to tinker with the various factors that might be triggering the response from the Amazon reviewers, I have to submit them as NEW titles.

This is why, if any of you happen to keep an eye out for my new releases, you'll be seeing a lot of old titles with new publishing dates as I eventually figure out the code, or fluke it with a sane Amazon reviewer. When I say “sane reviewer” I'm NOT looking at you, “Carlos F”.

Those of you that have been looking at my blurbs and titles recently with raised eyebrows, yes I know the wording is weird and I know sometimes you have no clue what the word is behind the asterisks. It seems Amazon wants the blurbs completely sanitised so its erotica customers don't really know what they are buying. So… “Risky fun” might imply breeding or bareback sex. “Intense fun” might imply rough sex. “First time deep face loving” will refer to the first time a girl deepthroats. It's ludicrous, but there you go.

Today, and for several days of the past few weeks, I've spent hours tweaking, submitting, tweaking and resubmitting old content rather than creating new content for my, and hence Amazon's, customers. I am so very sorry for this, but my backlist is my livelihood and I need to protect and ensure its earning potential. Rest assured, I am doing my best for you. And me. And even Amazon, though they are making it so very troublesome.

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One thought on “Cracking the Amazon Code

  1. Gerald M

    What you said is the exact reason I basically told Amazon to go to hell…and don’t come back. It’s Smashwords all the way with me.

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