Scarlett Skyes

Amazon Gift Cards for YOU, courtesy of Billionaires and Brats

Myself and a few other authors are putting together a bundle of ten stories under the theme of “Billionaires and Brats”. I think it's safe to say this will be great value for money for those of you who like to see a spoiled little princess get put in her place good and hard.

This is currently on schedule to be published on the 31st of March and in celebration we are offering you the chance to win:

First prize: 1x $20 Amazon Gift Card
Second prize: 1x $10 Amazon Gift Card
Third-sixth prizes: 1x $5 Amazon Gift Card

Entry is FREE, you don't have to purchase anything. Just use the rafflecopter widget below to enter by joining my and/or the other authors' mailing lists/twitters/facebook pages. You get one entry for every newsletter you subscribe to… and you get to keep up to date with many of Amazon's top 100 erotica authors. Good deal!

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