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All my titles available on Kindle Unlimited

All my titles are either free or available under Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. GO HOG WILD!

After consulting with my readers and weighing it all up, I decided to pull out of other retailers to experiment with going exclusive with Amazon. If I'm honest, I've been very disappointed with several of the business decisions that all the ebook retailers have made over the past couple of years that I've been doing this. Amazon is included in that criticism, the good lord knows how much I hate their inconsistently (and hence unfairly) applied “about what you would expect” content policy that allows them to change the rules whenever they like and throw writers under the bus without notice. All that and more.

All the other retailers have made mistakes too, from simply hoping their 1990s website can compete with Amazon and spending all their time blogging about how awful Amazon is, to creating a Taboo category and then sending out a highly offensive email to authors who submitted taboo content before blocking entire catalogues and publically claiming they had no idea what was being uploaded. No retailer is perfect. No retailer isn't in it for the money.

However, what Amazon does a whole lot better than all the others combined is sell books. For that reason their playground is fast becoming the only one were writers who want such luxuries as food and shelter want to play. For that reason I am willing to contain my rage about all the time they cost me when they tricked me .

Amazon may very well be evil, I'm not sure, but I don't think the other retailers are saints either. They would take advantage of their position if they were the top dog, just like Amazon does. Well, given their track record they'd actually probably implode pretty quickly, but they would try to take advantage of their position, and so often it is the thought that counts.

Ultimately, I want to make the right business decisions that will allow me to strike the right balance between readers-reached and a return on my time and money investment, and I hope I have made the right one here. So, please, Kindle Unlimited enrolees, enjoy all my stories for the next 90 days at least!

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    1. Scarlett Post author

      I’m trying to get Amazon to price-match it to free, which means it’s up on other retailers and can’t be in kindle unlimited. Sorry!

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