Scarlett Skyes

Upcoming Projects

It looks like my fans sure do love to read about poor innocent girls getting knocked up in their sleep and, hey, I certainly don't mind writing it, so expect some more of this in the near future!

My new series, which is following along the same lines as Poor Little Rich Girl, is called Filthy Rich. Just how hard and how many times will mysterious billionaire Cal Willis need to fuck eighteen year old schoolgirl and potential Step-Daughter, Nova Thatcher, before he gets the heir he wants? Enjoy the series and find out!

Part 3 of my Timestop series is still on the cards, it's all planned out but I am concentrating on these other projects at the moment.

Recently I was also approached to contribute to a multi-author story where, if I understand correctly, we will each contribute a chapter and the organiser of it all will work some editing magic to make sure everything ties together nicely. I believe this should be out in late August or early September, but I'll certainly post here and in my newsletter when I have more details!

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