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New Free Story for Newsletter Subscribers (Newsletter going out shortly)

I've always felt it was a good idea to be able to have a free story exclusively for my newsletter subscribers. When I released “Wrong Room” my backlist was very sleep-sex-heavy and while I think I still have the most extensive catalogue in this sub-genre, I have had some great success with stories like “Poor Little Rich Girl” and “Filthy Rich” so I wanted to have a free story that reflected that portion of my catalogue too. So I am pleased to announce that I have just finished a story that will serve as a prequel to a new series called “Everything Can Be Bought”. The official part 1 should be available next week, but in the meantime you can wet your whistle with “Everything Can Be Bought: Meet Your New Daddy”


Here are a few facts about Olivia Hull:

  • She is having dinner in an expensive restaurant for the first time with her mother and her mother’s new boyfriend, Eric Lockwood.
  • She is wearing expensive clothes and jewelry for the first time.
  • Her newly deflowered pussy is absolutely full of Eric’s semen.

To find out how she got here, read this story, to find out what happened next read Everything Can Be Bought 1: Indecent.

I'm just writing up my newsletter now, my subscribers should see it within the next half-day or so 🙂

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