Scarlett Skyes

New Free Sleep Sex Story

It's been quite a while since I wrote a story like this, but I know a lot of you have been losing sleep waiting for me to write another one 🙂

The news is especially good because this story is completely and utterly free! I've made it available as part of The Shameless Free Stories Archive for subscribers to any of the Shameless Book Deals newsletter lists. Sign up here for access to the archive and to get notifications of all the best erotica at the best prices right in your inbox!


Peter has been used to sharing his birthday with his step-daughter Samantha for the past decade since he married his mother, but when he turns thirty-eight and she turns eighteen, it seems like his special day has been completely forgotten.

He’s just about to call it a night when a knock on the door reveals a passed out Samantha reeking of vodka. As hard as he tries to fight it, he can’t help but to keep on being drawn one step further by Samantha’s flawless body and what starts out as an incidental grope quickly progresses to the hardest fuck the petite blonde girl has ever had, asleep or awake, and Peter isn’t going to stop giving it to her rough and bareback with his huge cock until he’s good and finished.

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