All my titles available on Kindle Unlimited

All my titles are either free or available under Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. GO HOG WILD!

After consulting with my readers and weighing it all up, I decided to pull out of other retailers to experiment with going exclusive with Amazon. If I’m honest, I’ve been very disappointed with several of the business decisions that all the ebook retailers have made over the past couple of years that I’ve been doing this. Amazon is included in that criticism, the good lord knows how much I hate their inconsistently (and hence unfairly) applied “about what you would expect” content policy that allows them to change the rules whenever they like and throw writers under the bus without notice. All that and more.

All the other retailers have made mistakes too, from simply hoping their 1990s website can compete with Amazon and spending all their time blogging about how awful Amazon is, to creating a Taboo category and then sending out a highly offensive email to authors who submitted taboo content before blocking entire catalogues and publically claiming they had no idea what was being uploaded. No retailer is perfect. No retailer isn’t in it for the money.

However, what Amazon does a whole lot better than all the others combined is sell books. For that reason their playground is fast becoming the only one were writers who want such luxuries as food and shelter want to play. For that reason I am willing to contain my rage about all the time they cost me when they tricked me .

Amazon may very well be evil, I’m not sure, but I don’t think the other retailers are saints either. They would take advantage of their position if they were the top dog, just like Amazon does. Well, given their track record they’d actually probably implode pretty quickly, but they would try to take advantage of their position, and so often it is the thought that counts.

Ultimately, I want to make the right business decisions that will allow me to strike the right balance between readers-reached and a return on my time and money investment, and I hope I have made the right one here. So, please, Kindle Unlimited enrolees, enjoy all my stories for the next 90 days at least!

Seriously… Why Pull Out?


The Non Withdrawal Method 1 has proven to be my most popular ever piece of erotica… it would be a travesty if I didn’t give people more of what they clearly want, so The Non Withdrawal Method is now a series of standalones! The Non Withdrawal Method 2 and The Non Withdrawal Method 3 are both now available at 99 cents until the end of this weekend and available on Kindle Unlimited.


“… but please… can you be gentle? I’ve never done this before.”

When eighteen year old virgin Bree’s boyfriend dumps her on prom night, the night she’d always planned on letting him be her first, she is left sitting alone on her bed in her fancy dress with nowhere to go. When Leon, her step-daddy, hears about what happened, he arranges everything so she can have her special night, right down to having a limo drop her off at a fancy hotel afterwards.

However, Leon isn’t running a charity here. He knows the pact Bree and her friends made. She’ll give everything to the man who gave her that one magical night, and that’s exactly what Leon plans on taking.

Despite being almost too big Leon fucks her hard right there under the ceiling-mounted mirror until Bree realises he isn’t using protection and has one last request:

“But… you’ll pull out, right?”

But Leon has other plans…


“Who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do in my own house, Candice? I make the rules here.”

Eighteen year old virgin, Candice, has been saving herself until she could make everything perfect for her first time but because the timing never felt ‘right’ it meant her boyfriend had to wait a long time. Just when she feels ready she finds out he cheated on her and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, a few moments later her step-daddy, John, arrives home unexpectedly.

After hurriedly trying to disguise the mood-setting changes she’d made to her room and her tears, she finds out that John has some unorthodox ideas for consoling her in her moment of need. One by one her barriers are broken down and even though John is almost too big to fit, he ends up doing everything he wants, taking her hard right there on her bed. When she realises that he isn’t using protection she has one last request:

“Will you, you know… pull out?

But John has other plans…

Why Pull Out?

My next story to be released is about an anti-contraception technique called “The Non-Withdrawal Method”. It’s not quite done yet, but if you liked my previous story called “Drive it Home, Daddy” (or “Drive it Home” on Amazon) you’ll love this one. The heroine of this story is… somewhat reluctant to have the big finish inside her but, hey, it’s not like her Daddy has any intention of pulling out when her virgin pussy feels so good.


Something for Shifter Fans!

The story itself isn’t ready yet, but in a break from the usual process, I have the cover more or less done for a title I plan on releasing in early August.

Some towns have their haunted houses, this one has Bearback Mountain. For generations it has been a rite of passage for teens leaving school to brave a single night on Bearback Mountain, said to be home to a powerful mythical beast, half bear and half man, with a taste for virgin girls. Here’s what happens when Kristie’s friends talk her into spending…


Bearback Mountain 1 cover600x900

1 Million Dollars for 1 Flight


With my latest installment of The Well-Endowed Billionaires Club, our seven masked-men put an air hostess through her paces. The question I have for you (in addition to asking you to pretty please like my Amazon Author Page) is this: You are a VIP flight attendant on this airline… who do YOU want to look after for one long haul flight? Remember, you’d have to do anything they want :)

To answer and enter, log into the rafflecopter widget below and leave a comment!

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What next for the Well-Endowed Billionaires Club? Easy giveaway.

People really seem to be loving reading what my well-hung billionaires are doing to their semi-unsuspecting prey, and I’m only too happy to give you/them more! My latest installment has just been published (The Well-Endowed Billionaires Club 3) and I’m almost finished with Everything Can Be Bought 3: Anywhere He Wants and ready to get straight on to part 4 of The Well-Endowed Billionaires Club.

I’ve got some ideas about the kind of young ladies that might find themselves in that predicament, but I thought it might be fun if some of my fans let me know what they wanted to see, so I’ve created another quick and easy raffle for you! Log into the rafflecopter below and you’ll find 2 ways to enter this draw. One is (as per my last raffle) liking my author page on Amazon, and the other is simply to leave a blog comment detailing your ideal next heroine.

You can be as general as you want (i.e. a one word response saying ‘cheerleader’) or go into as much detail as you like (blog comment character limits probably apply but I don’t know what they are) but please note that there won’t be any royalty sharing going on, I’m still going to write the whole thing :P.

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The Like Button on my Amazon Author Page… What does it do?

It sits there haunting me and I just have to know if it does anything useful. So, I enlist the help of you good people. Pretty please with smut on top, will you click ‘like’ on my Amazon author page? It doesn’t have anything to do with facebook, so you don’t need to worry about any awkward conversations with your relatives :)

In return I give you a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, like my page by logging into the rafflecopter widget below and following the instructions.

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New Release: The Pride MC: In Heat, Plus Giveaway!

In my last newsletter I sent out a survey to gauge what my readers very favourite kinks were. To my surprise I found that I either had a whole bunch of shifter fans, or perhaps they were just the most vocal! Either way, my readers wanted shifters, and they wanted them to give it to the heroines rough, and damned if they wanted the shifters to take no for an answer! So, behold, The Pride MC: In Heat, wherein an Alpha Werelion will stop at nothing to claim his fated mate. :)

A few other authors in the paranormal erotica genre have some new releases too and we are happy to be hosting a raffle. Entry details below, CRAZY HUGE PRIZES!


Shortly after the events depicted in ‘Bearly Legal’, another young woman wakes up to find her whole world changed. She’s always stayed on the straight and narrow, the man of her house is the Reverend John Stark after all, but now she’s having dreams, strange sinful dreams about a tall, muscular, tattooed biker with long blonde hair. The kind of guy that her parents would never approve of in a million years.

Jayna can’t get the thought of him out of her head, and is driven to find him at ‘Roar’ the biker bar located just outside of the town limits, drawn to him like a moth to the flame. What Jayna can’t possibly know is that she is entering her first mating cycle, she is in heat and her very presence is enough to drive any shifter wild with lust.

When a group of werewolves try to claim her for themselves, it seems her fate is sealed. That is, until the approaching thunder of The Pride Motorcycle Club interrupts. What happens when werewolves try to take an alpha werelion’s fated mate?

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New Free Story for Newsletter Subscribers (Newsletter going out shortly)

I’ve always felt it was a good idea to be able to have a free story exclusively for my newsletter subscribers. When I released “Wrong Room” my backlist was very sleep-sex-heavy and while I think I still have the most extensive catalogue in this sub-genre, I have had some great success with stories like “Poor Little Rich Girl” and “Filthy Rich” so I wanted to have a free story that reflected that portion of my catalogue too. So I am pleased to announce that I have just finished a story that will serve as a prequel to a new series called “Everything Can Be Bought”. The official part 1 should be available next week, but in the meantime you can wet your whistle with “Everything Can Be Bought: Meet Your New Daddy”


Here are a few facts about Olivia Hull:

  • She is having dinner in an expensive restaurant for the first time with her mother and her mother’s new boyfriend, Eric Lockwood.
  • She is wearing expensive clothes and jewelry for the first time.
  • Her newly deflowered pussy is absolutely full of Eric’s semen.

To find out how she got here, read this story, to find out what happened next read Everything Can Be Bought 1: Indecent.

I’m just writing up my newsletter now, my subscribers should see it within the next half-day or so :)